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 NO stocks, bonds, mutual funds or trust deeds. Only safe, insured products giving you the highest yield available.

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"We retired. Lost $80K of savings in stock market. We stressed! We found you folks. No more risk, great rates and no more stress! Thank you Best Interest."
--Patrick and Frederica M., La Mirada

"We trust you. You are like family."
--Prem and Tripta K., Camarillo

"No more yo-yo stock market for me. I'm growing my investment while it is being protected."
--Shirley D. - Sherman Oaks, CA

"I sleep so well at night and am so happy to have found Best Interest. I trust them with my financial life!"
--Betty Lou, M. - Simi Valley

"Thank you so much for all the time and energy you have put in. . . your honesty and integrity are to be admired. . .
I can't thank you enough.”
-- Paula

"When it comes to the best rates you can’t go wrong. We appreciated the open and warm desire to make us feel completely comfortable with our new account. They took the time to fully understand our situation to match us with the best account for us. We tell all our close friends about the old fashion service we received.”

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Knowledge is a powerful tool. It is gained by study and life experience. At Best Interest Financial we believe that all people, but especially those with life experience should be respected, appreciated, and helped if they need it

At Best Interest Financial our area of expertise is working with customers who are either thinking about retirement or already in retirement. People in this group have very specific needs when it comes to retirement income and savings. While many things are uncertain today, one thing we do know for sure is that roller coasters are for kids . . . not your retirement savings!

Who is Best Interest Financial and Insurance Corporation?

Best Interest Financial and Insurance Corporation is a deposit broker for high yield insured accounts. No stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trust deeds or any other risk based account is offered through any of our offices. We specialize in helping customers keep their “safe money” - - safe.

FDIC Consumer News
Fall 2008 -- Special Edition: Your New, Higher FDIC Insurance Coverage

Winter 2008
"EDIE" Makes It Easy: FDIC Internet Site Analyzes Your Insurance Coverage 

Working for your financial Best Interest!

We can make your money work for you and raise bottom line in safe, secure accounts. All accounts we offer are guaranteed and insured. Only safe, insured products giving you the highest yield available